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Business in Tough Economic Times

So many variables go into the prospect of developing a new business. There are startup costs, ongoing overhead expenses, advertising and a strange waiting period when trust is earned one customer at a time.

Starting a business at any time is a difficult proposition, but is made even more difficult where there is uncertainty in the marketplace due to a poorly performing economy.

This is when the strongest entrepreneurial spirit responds with no fear. Sure they are concerned, and yes they will demonstrate a sense of caution, but they will not allow fear to be the deciding factor in how they manage their own future.

When fear is the key motivation for decision-making you can expect to give up sooner, spend less time actually working and more time creating lists of what can go wrong, and you will often find yourself paralyzed when life-changing opportunities come along.

In a tough economy those who will find the greatest success will be those committed to working through each issue as it comes up and then surrounding themselves with people who will support their dreams, but also tell the truth about what they see and potential potholes to avoid.

The dreams of far too many have withered away simply because it became too easy to simply give up rather than fight for a fully formed vision.

Start with a good idea, advance your cause with confidence, identify others who will support your dream and then push forward. There’s a world that is just waiting for really great ideas – so don’t keep it to yourself.

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