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Strategy and Your Business

Ask any successful business owner how they do it and they will quickly tell you that it was a business strategy that allowed their business to thrive.  Careful planning, developing, and implementation are all aspects of a successful modern strategy.  Overall, the strategy should be designed to achieve the objectives of your business.

Designing a modern strategy will involve listing your business objectives and analyzing the current practices your business exercises.  A good strategy will involve programs and policies that will correct and eventually eradicate any weak practices and thrust the business into perpetual forward motion.  All in all, your business objectives will be met.


One of the most important parts of developing a modern strategy is developing the overall plan.  There are two main methods – the bottom up method and the top down method.  In the former, employees and staff will make suggestions and throw ideas into a pool that is passed up through management.  In the latter, the business owner or management will determine the way to go.  Some of the most successful business strategies come from a more collaborative process where everyone has some input, even the customers.

Any idea that is submitted for the business strategy should be evaluated based on its strengths, weaknesses, growth potential, and risk to the company.  It is a good idea to have not only the business owner but also the top manager and department heads.  If possible, suggestions from the customer may be considered as well as advice from a professional business strategy consultant.

Before implementing any business strategy, you will need to consider the complexities of those strategies.  Do you have the resources?  Are your employees prepared to take responsibility for the new rules and regulations?  Have you locked down a clear chain of command?  Developing a timeline and evaluation points to determine whether or not the strategy is achieving the desired goals is also a good idea.

Some ideas do require time to reach their fullest potential, so don’t pull the plug too soon.  But, once you do find a strategy that works for you and your business you will see your company’s potential soar – and the bottom line grow.


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