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Online MBA Business Consultant

Online business consulting with MBA Network has developed out of the need for small business to find a cost effective way to solve business issues they face. The need for extreme confidentiality has also been a driver to move our customers with pressing business issues online.

Even though this service has started with the objective to work with small business. It also has major relevance with Corporate and Big business today. Economic and other labour pressures have made it very difficult to find temporary business support.

We have linked up with a Network of MBA associates to bring this service to our customers.

How it works

This is a fee based service, conducted by MBA graduates from various fields. Initial discussions will indicate the customers needs and the service offering will be compiled. The fee's are mainly time based, but could also be contract or project based dependent on the customers requirement.

Initial contact will indicate the MBA to nominate for the role. If a specialist is required that we do not have available to us we will let you know at this stage. The business specialist that take over the consulting role will have various ways to deal with the customers request.

Small Projects - could be handled without customer involvement and results sent back timeously

Larger Project - Will be managed on project basis, We utilize - to keep all parties up to date with the progress

Business research required to solve customers issues and provide business proposals can be conducted with our team of researchers, supplying you with statistically valid results. We also utilize to conduct online surveys to supply you with real time feedback to solve business issues.

Some ideas on the service we offer

  • Give us a try for that next business plan you need to prepare.
  • Need to propose a restructure to your business - we can do the research
  • Doing a business presentation and need some desk top research done
  • Need to analise your staff morale by doing an online survey
  • Just received your books from the bookkeeper and require a quick one hour analysis with comments
  • Preparing for a disciplinary meeting
  • Planning a promotion or marketing plan
  • Want to make sure the front end of your business is designed to drive customers to you
  • We know you are the strategic driver behind your business - need the backup done
  • Buying a business and need second opinion
  • Personal Investment questions give our specialists a try for a second opinion
  • Operational Issues are harder to tackle online - but we can assist in preparing the next project
  • Have a question about Health and Safety - find out what legislation says & plan your preventative measures

Who is your consultant

We have a network of members with specialist skills and professional consultants. We also have a network of professionals with careers supplying you with Internationally tested and locally relevant solutions. We guarantee the utmost confidentiality. During the briefing session we will require you to indicate any conflicts of interest and give us an idea on who your competition is if this is a requirement. Some customers require anonymity - this is also an option.

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