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What is your "ONE big thing" this year?

What is your "ONE big thing" this year? Featured

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Zig Ziglar

This is something quite close to my heart and a philosophy that I TRIED to live by for quite a couple of years now. I get asked many a time where I get the time to complete so many things. Most people have big things they still want to do one day that sit in the back of their minds and haunt their dreams. I have been blessed with doing many of the big things I want to do in my life here are some of my examples: a Comrades marathon; Iron man twice; Started an online business while working; Cape Epic; MBA; motorbike tour through Namibia; Play lead guitar in the Church band; qualified as a field guide "game ranger"; started a Ph.D and many more. My list is ever evolving as I grow older my priorities change.

My philosophy has been a very simple one "do one big thing a year". Now you may say that is so broad and simple how can it help me? Being broad is one of the reasons it is so powerful. It is like a New Years resolution on steroids. It is a state of mind. How many years do you have to live before you die? We do not all have certainty but we can play the averages. Say you estimate you have 30 years to go - it gives you 30 big things to accomplish in your life. Not that many? But still a substantial contribution to achieving the things you believe defines who you are.

What classifies as a big thing? Think of big things you want to help define you - I use define on purpose as that is how big you should dream. Do not make your one big thing - achieve budget for this year. Start that company you always wanted to, go on that adventure, lose those kilograms and do a Comrades, change career - what is that big niggling thing that you always wanted to do? Think of big things you want to accomplish in the following categories: family; personal growth; adventure; fitness; charity; religion. Keep it diverse mix them up. But keep saying to yourself this is my "one big thing"

It is achievable with just the energy to make one decision. Taking the first step to make the decision and start is what it takes. Once you have signed up half the battle is won. You have the year to achieve it - or more than one year in some cases. The key is to make your decision, if your big decision is a 3 year course it may be your one big thing for every year of the 3 years. It is your life and only you can prioritise what your one big thing is.

What will be your ONE big thing for this year? Once it is done I guarantee you there will be another for next year.

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