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Modern Marketing Solutions: Online Competition Entry Forms

Modern Marketing Managers Solutions - Online Consumer Competition Entry

Online Competition Entry Solution For Marketing Managers: iEntry

The internet and various other tools like cell phones have made Modern Marketing Solutions possible. Examples of these are online customer surveys which has been around for some years. But a new innovation available in South Africa - is Online Competition Entry forms. Modern Entry Mechanics has mainly been available in two forms:

  1. Cell Phone Entry - Generic Competition Entry - is not a new idea - sms entries have become very popular.
  2. Internet Competition Entry - Internet Entry has mainly been limited to entering on the brand's own website.

Utilising both of the above has it's drawbacks which - aims to address. Here are some advantages of using a generic online entry solution:


  1. Generic Online competition entries can be implemented immediately. No webdesign required and no advanced notice to utilise the service is required. Now you can develop your quick magazine advert and include a interest generating competition on the spot.
  2. The growth of the internet is ensuring that the target market for most consumer products are getting access to the internet. Which will move this service from a niche service to a preferred entry mechanism.
  3. Consumers have the option of going to one website to enter multiple competitions, iEntry also offers the service to let consumers know about the latest competitions on twitter.
  4. No Cost to your consumers, unlike cell phone entries consumers do not have to pay to enter online
  5. The results generated are in excel format - making the draw process easy and fair. The marketing manager can now have his cell phone entries and internet entries available in the same format.
  6. A great supplement to cell phone entries - If you are running a big promotion why not offer your consumers a free option.
  7. Utilize it for that Internal Marketing campaign, - why not add an extra component to your promotion.
  8. Independent Competition Entry Mechanics can also reduce the negative effect of your website and brand being associated with sweepstakes type competitions. Keeping the focus on the brand and not the mechanics.
  9. Easy to remember - Address or Link - iEntry - This will ensure your consumers find us to enter your promotion.

Suggested Uses For Online Competition Entry Mechanisms

  1. Supplement Cell phone entries to reduce cost of entry to consumers
  2. Magazine Advert - Check the interest in your articles, quick low cost
  3. Internal Marketing - Quick In office competitions
  4. Limited Budget promotions
  5. Niche - Upper LSM target market - Promotions
  6. Online Promotions - Setting up a html website without a database  - utilize ours to manage your promotional entries.
Other Services Offered
iEntry also offers an RSVP solution.
For more information please feel free to contact here


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