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About MBA Network

MBA Network aim to keep all information relevant and up to date at all times, that is why we recently upgraded to a new online content management system. Thank you for your patience during our upgrade. MBA Network was established in 2005 to keep business professionals and especially MBA graduate’s and students in contact and up to date. In doing so we will aim at not only supplying you with useful information in business but also information on studying your MBA and Entrepreneurship.

You are requested to register with our community (Please note our privacy statement), MBA Network is a free site and aims to stay that way. We are building a brand new community of professional business men and woman. Some articles and discussion topics have been posted, but please submit your own. Some of the best articles will be published on our website and thereafter stored in the database for future reference by you.

MBA Network offer a subscription service for Consultants. You can find consultants to advise you on speciality issues in your business. Independent consultants can utilise our service to get in touch with their market. Contact us today to list your consultancy

MBA Network also offers an online consulting service. This service usually involves a pay per hour online consultant addressing your specific needs. If we do not have the specialist to address your requirements on our books we will let you know.

MBA Network will be your personal boardroom. Discussing business issues such as BEE, productivity, marketing ideas and much more. We will also encourage articles and discussions for small business. Small business owners will have the opportunity to tap into the wealth of information that our readers have. Small businesses will also be encouraged to publish pressing issues and request information or even open an online discussion to discuss and solve pressing problems. Our moderators each respected for their work in the respective fields will encourage dialogue, publish news and topic related discussions and give advice where needed.

We will also not forget about you the students currently burning the midnight oil trying to achieve that well deserved qualification. You will be allowed to discuss your projects and even reach companies to do projects with. We will even discuss careers in our job shop.

Prospective Students will be able to get some information on their proposed MBA, we will also supply you with links to all the relevant institutions.

Although this site will mainly cater for South African business men and woman. International visitors will be welcomed to experience some of our South African hospitality and for us to learn form your invaluable experience. Please feel welcome to browse our resources web resources page.

Last and by no means the least our most popular page. The Jobs, search for MBA Jobs on our website. Please support the services on our website - they keep it free. The way we all like it.

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