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Privacy Policy

We take you right to privacy very seriously. We will treat all information submitted to us with utmost respect. We are also committed to treat information submitted by you as private and confidential.

We utilize the information submitted by you to meet our obligations and also to ensure that we meet your service expectations. We will utilize information on which parts of our website have been visited and to compile statistical reports to maximize your viewing pleasure. We analyze information on an aggregate level and do not utilize individual viewing patterns.



On our website we utilize cookies to improve your viewing experience. Cookies are small pieces of data that are collected by your system. The data for example ensure that you don’t need to put your password in more than once while utilizing the forum. We can not collect personal data about you or your machine from the cookies on your system. Your computer can be set to disable cookie technology but doing so may cause some parts of our website not to function correctly.


E mail Promotions and Spam

We may utilize your personal information to send you newsletters and to inform you of activity you may find of interest on our web page. We will endeavor to make all the information relevant (we also hate email adverts). On our mail messages we will also include email addresses with which you can unsubscribe if you do not find the information relevant to your interests.


Third Party Involvement

Third party agents that work on the site are bound to treat your information with as much respect as we do. Any information passed on to them will be deemed to adhere to the same privacy policy as indicated above. No information will be passed on to or sold to third party’s to utilize in market research, or as a marketing tool. If we deem the information as of interest to you we will send it to you via our newsletter or via a special announcement



All secure transactions will be routed to third party websites with the facility to ensure your security i.e.. Banking site’s for financial transactions. These sites utilize encryption technology to keep your valuable information safe. We deem it our responsibility to ensure that we choose partners with high security standards. If you have any complaints about any of our partner sites please feel free to contact us


Please note we do reserve the right to change this privacy statement from time to time. We do this not because of diminishing concern for your privacy but because the services offered on the site do evolve and new services do get added which has to be taken into consideration.