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5 Reasons to Get an MBA in Europe

Europe MBA for USAAs you’ve studied for the GMAT, working hard on researching business schools, and prepared yourself to apply for your MBA, you may not have realized that there are many fantastic programs in Europe – some with more clout and higher rankings than some domestic programs! While there’s no question that American has the most prestigious MBA programs in the world, there are many excellent European programs which have steadily gained in popularity and clout in the past few decades. Here are five reasons to consider studying abroad while earning your business degree!

1. European schools are cheaper overall. While money isn’t the only consideration in earning an MBA, the amount of debt you take on can vary significantly. Europeans schools are up to $50,000-$70,000 cheaper overall to earn your degree, especially if you consider distance learning programs.

2. More contacts abroad. If you want to eventually work/live in Europe, then what better way to make contacts overseas and launch into that field than at a native business school? You’ll ease yourself into the new culture and have a much greater advantage to those students who stayed at home.

3. Travel opportunities! You’re only young once, as the saying goes, and living abroad is the experience of a lifetime. It will change you much more than staying at home, and as long as the education itself is comparable, you’ll lose nothing by taking the leap.

4. Diverse options. Certain European programs have become incredibly specialized in the focus. Want to do distance learning? Warwick Business School in the UK offers an incredible online program for a little more than $10K a year. Looking for flexibility? The ESADE school in Spain offers 12, 15, or 18 month programs. You’ll find a broad range of specialties, course offerings, and formats in Europe.

5. Shorter programs. Want your MBA as quickly as possible? European programs on the whole tend to be a year shorter, although you will likely have a heavier course load in a European program. But if speed is what you’re after, you’ll probably find a better program abroad!

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