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Same MBA Network on an all new site

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” African Proverb Networking has always been a fascination for MBA’s, just like Sun Tsu’s Art of War. Many of us go into business school with networking as a reason. We have grand plans to meet up with business connections that will influence and help shape our future. As we leave business school we realise that the networking is limited mainly to within your own business school. This was partly the reason why I decided to start MBA Network in 2005.

MBA Network started as a MBA forum at first. The numbers grew very quickly. So did the content. The limitations of a forum became very apparent during this period. New technology enabled us to build a networking site that can include various tools for our members. The site was relaunched in a new format and very quickly grew to about 3500 unique visitors per month. Due to technology changes we were forced to upgrade our site in 2013. This turned out to be a disaster for MBA Network. MBA Network was hacked as part of the World band hacker attacks in 2013. We secured the site and closed it to new members.

2014 Brought on new opportunities. New systems and the inspiration to get MBA Network back up and running for our regular members. New technology now enabled us to supply our members with some of our original technology right on their mobile phones.

I have always envisioned for MBA Network not to be purely for MBA’s. Many business connections and business conversations is outside this sphere. Our site has thus followed a more open approach to membership. This gives members the opportunity to write articles and share their skills with the general public. Driving readership and growing the overal interest in studying an MBA. Please connect with me in the members area to share your ideas.

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