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Alarm Bells for South African MBA's

MBA DegreeThe cover story in this week’s Financial Mail tells of troubled times that may lie ahead for South African business schools. The weekly magazine reports of government plans to meddle with the current accreditation of local MBA degrees. The Council for Higher Education (CHE) wants MBAs downgraded slightly and aligned with an honours degree or a post-graduate diploma.

The motive behind the CHE’s recommendation is seemingly due to some programme standards at South African business schools being low, spanning entry level requirements, course content and research requirements. But, with many reputable business schools achieving international recognition and accreditation for their MBA programmes, this one-size-fits-all approach seems inappropriate and even unfair.

Several business school heads also comment in the FM article that the CHE is missing the point and the value inherent in studying towards an MBA – namely the hands-on experience and the participative learning approach that teams groups of people with varied levels of business experience together.

Recommendations made by the CHE have been handed to Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, and participation, comments and input from business schools should follow shortly.

These are interesting developments. MBA Network will be keeping track of this story so watch this space!


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