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Consumer ProtectionThe Consumer Protection Act of 2008 in South Africa will be responsible to guide the implementation of promotional competitions from 31 March 2011 (New date). This will replace the previous role of the lotteries act.

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General Changes to Running Competitions as set out in the Consumer Protection Act - South Africa

  • The act Specifies what a competition is and it does not require Companies to ask a question to complete the competition as previously required by the Lotteries act.
  • The Promotion can include chance and skill
  • Consumers are not allowed to be required to offer further consideration for a prize after they were told they have won it (Hopefully putting an end to timeshare phone call's)


Check List Before Running a Promotional Competition
  • You may not require payment to enter a competition, except for the reasonable cost of sending the competition or transmitting the entry. (Cell phone and postage)
  • You may not supply a consumer a prize if it is unlawful for them to have it
  • Director's, members, partners, employee's, consultants, promoters directly or indirectly involved may not win the prize
  • Suppliers of the goods may not win the prize
  • You have to prepare rules before the competition and have it available free of charge, during and after the promotion.

An Offer to Participate in a Promotional Competition Must Clearly Communicate The Following:
  • The Benefit of the Competition (Prize)
  • The Steps required to win it
  • How the winner will be chosen
  • The Closing Date of the competition
  • How the results will be communicated (The Winner)
  • A Person from who, a place where, and a date and time. Where competition rules can be obtained and the prize may be obtained.
  • These may be stated on the promotional material, a document where the prize is stipulated and the media during the promotion and where the competition is running.
  • Once a person has completed the steps to enter the promotion as set out in your communication they have the right to be included in the draw without further payment or extra complications.

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