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Sunday, 19 September 2010 17:25

Improving Brand Recognition in TV Ads

Advertisers pay millions of dollars to air TV ads that, by some estimates, more than a third of viewers skip over with digital VCRs or by switching channels or tuning out altogether.

New research by HBS professor Thales S. Teixeira offers a simple, inexpensive solution to help marketers hold on to some of those consumer eyeballs.

In "Moment-to-Moment Optimal Branding in TV Commercials: Preventing Avoidance by Pulsing," forthcoming in Marketing Science, Teixeira and coauthors Michel Wedel of the University of Maryland and Rik Pieters of the Netherlands' Tilburg University use data that tracks the eye movements of nearly 2,000 participants over 31 commercials to show how various branding patterns of activity influence consumer "zapping," or ignoring, commercials.

Published in Marketing and Sales